Sarah Schubmehl Presents at APA Annual Convention

Wright Institute student, Sarah Schubmehl, presented her research in a poster session at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention in Denver this past August. Her poster described an exploratory analyses on an archival data set of acute psychiatric inpatients with psychotic spectrum disorders (n=178). Results yielded significant associations between medication non-adherence and elevated grandiosity, suspiciousness, and conceptual disorganization.

Ms. Schubmehl is an intern this year in the Geriatric Psychology Concentration at the VA, Denver, an APA accredited internship. Ms. Schubmehl also presented two other posters earlier this year. All three citations follow:

Danzer, G., Schubmehl, S., Barkin, S., Zanello, A., Sugarbaker, D., & Cort, D. (2016, August). Symptom correlates of medication non-adherence for adult psychiatric inpatients with psychotic spectrum disorders. Paper presentation in symposium at American Psychological Association, Denver, CO.

Schubmehl, S., Richardson, A., McPherson, A., Katzen, G., Bielenberg, J., O’Donnell, M., Ornoso, R., Daugherty, T. Barkin, S., Sugarbaker, D., Cort, D. (2016, May). Symptom correlates of Allen Cognitive Levels within a transdiagnostic sample of adult inpatients with psychotic spectrum disorders. Poster presented at Association for Psychological Science Conference, Chicago, IL.

Schubmehl, S., O’Donnell, M., Osorno, R., Bielenberg, J., Richardson, A., Katzen, G., McPherson, A., Barkin, S., Sugarbaker, D., Cort, D. (2016, March). Co-occurring substance use disorders, current alcohol use, and level of suicidal ideation during inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. Poster presented at APA Division 50: Society of Addiction Psychology Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction Conference, San Diego, CA.