WI Student Presents at NCORE

Munn Saechao was invited to present at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE) on May 30th in Forthworth, TX. Munn will co-facilitate a training on the topic: Affirming our Asian American cultural identities in the context of current political times (Individually yet collectively, individualized yet unified while having our needs met on college and university campuses). Munn will utilize her dissertation and her experience as a social worker to discuss the development of culturally sensitive programs for underrepresented Southeast Asian students on university campuses.

Munn was also invited to present her dissertation at the Sacramento Valley Psychological Association (SVPA) student research conference on May 13th in Sacramento, CA. Her dissertation is titled: Three to Four Decades Later: Examining Stressors And Resiliency Factors For Elderly Iu-Mien Refugees.